About the Chamber



We, the Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce, are working to improve the local economy and quality of life in the Haleyville area.

This is a team effort between the Chamber, local government, county government and the citizens of the Haleyville area.

The Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce is the number one resource for developing a Business in the city. The Chamber is actively involved in shaping policy on business and residential community issues that are important to each and every business and resident. The Chamber is responsible for the 9-1-1 Festival, which is the city’s largest event.
In September of 1988, the Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce was incorporated as a non-profit corporation.


The Chamber of Commerce meets first Friday of each month at noon at the Galley Restaurant.



Board of Directors

Mike Evans – President
Phone: 486-7575

Email: mevans@yicnow.com
Bret Knight – Vice President
Phone: 485-2261

Email: bret@kithkitchens.com
Will Walker 
Phone: 486-5263

Email: wwalker@tradersandfarmersbank.com
Mandy Little
Phone: 269-2633

Email: mlittlebhi@centurytel.net
Jonathan Lowe
Phone: 486-5296

Email: jbl@lowemobleylowe.com
Kris Burleson
Phone: 486-0313

Melinda Weaver
Phone: 494-1002

Email: mfweaver@southernco.com
Jade Bice
Phone: 486-2312

Email: elliotthdw@centurytel.net
Don Dimond
Phone: 269-2132

Email: dondimond@gmail.com
Bobby Taylor
Phone: 486-6200

Email: btaylor@tfbfs.com
Stan Watson
Phone: 486-9298

Email: newburgroadlumber@yahoo.com
Dr. Holly Sutherland
Phone 205 486-9231  
Email hsutherland@havc.k12.al.us
Ashley Pool
Phone 205 486-5213 
Email ashley.pool@lch.care