Engaged Leaders for Better Communities First Meeting for 2018 – 2019

Winston County is a place with immense potential.  Citizens of Winston County recognize that this area is a wonderful place to live and work. The Engaged Leaders for Better Communities program is designed to help meet the community’s need for more informed and effective leaders.

The first Engaged Leaders for Better Communities 2018-2019 meeting was held on August 21st.  They met at Haleyville City Hall with opening remarks from Mayor Ken Sunseri and Chamber President Mike Evans.  Speakers were Neina Middleton Haleyville Center of Technology Business Marketing Coordinator, Haleyville Police Chief Kyle Reogas, Haleyville Fire Marshall Jeff Postell and Park and Rec. Director Joel Sherrill.  Topics were: Leadership, Challenges of Fire Service, Challenges of Ensuring a Safe Community and Things to do for Fun.  They ended the day with a tour of the new Haleyville Sports Complex.

2018 – 2019 Class participants are: Bethany Honey, Ashley Pool, David Whiteside, Emily Johnson, Regina Galloway, Tammy Hatton, Heather Tucker, Jeff Dodd, Kerri Roberts, Kris Burleson, Linda Godsey, Marcia Posey, Mike Evans, Peter Gossett, Ranee Robinson, Rita Patterson, Sheryl Clark, Vickie Crumpton and Vicky Brown.

The next program (Tourism) is schedule for September 18, 2018, in Double Springs in the First National Bank meeting room.