Engaged Leaders for Better Communities met on September 18th

The 2018-2019 Engaged Leaders for Better Communities met on September 18th at First National Bank in Double Springs with opening remarks from Mayor Elmo Robinson.   Speakers were Tom Chesnutt, District Forest Ranger Andy Scott, Winston County Cooperative Extension Coordinator Mike Henshaw, Sandra Burroughs with Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association and Crystal Till with Community Unity Double Springs.

Topics were:  Hospitality, Retirement Communities, Bankhead National Forest resources and opportunities, Tourism and Community Involvement.

The next class topic will be Branding our Communities on October 16th.

Class participants are: Ashley Pool, Bethany Honey, David Whiteside, Emily Johnson, Regina Galloway, Tammy Hatton, Heather Tucker, Jeff Dodd, Kerri Roberts, Kris Burleson, Linda Godsey, Marcia Posey, Mike Evans, Peter Gossett, Ranee Robinson, Rita Patterson, Sheryl Clark, Vickie Crumpton and Vicky Brown.